Hi, my name is Yesenia but most call me Yesi

I am a single mommy to 4 amazing kids, most of them taller than me already lol (time sure does fly). Like most photographers about me section...I have loved taking pictures, creating memories since, well...always! It all started in high school, G. Holmes Braddock, where I signed up for the photography club and yes I fell in love. Of course back then it was not digital, you had to take the film out of the camera in a pitch dark room which a friend always helped me because I hated the complete dark lol, and then going to the darkroom to process the film and make prints. Now of course there is so much more you can do with digital. I love creating memories, memories that you will look back at a year from now, twenty years from now and have all those feeling rush back. I have been taking pictures for over 15 years, I started with family and friends. When I had my kids I dedicated my time to being a full time mommy and taking hundreds of pictures of them. Once my youngest was born that my three other kids were in school I was able to focus more on my passion, my dream of creating an image that you could look at and simply smile. I want to do the same for you, create a memory that last a lifetime!

My world, my everything, my reason!